Northfront Font, OpenType

Northfront Font now unavailable for download, contact Kimball Clark if you want it.
Created for associates of the Northfront Entrepreneur Alliance and the Northfront Business Resource Center

Inspired by the Carta font, found on

Kimballmer Font, OpenType

Download Free Beta Version of the Kimballmer Font
No punctuation or caps, currently repairing leading problem

Inspired by Font Designer Theo Ballmer, as represented within the small type along the top half of this poster:

Although rudimentary, basic, and not necessarily new, this was my first font creation using Illustrator and FontLab. I made it a requirement to ignore other's typographic work, and fabricate the difficult areas of this font without bias. Since Kimballmer's debut in 2004, I have noticed an increase in fonts of similar styles on MyFonts, including an exact replica of the font within the poster represented above.

This blind approach allowed a unique solution. Raster-Bold is the closest representation, but notice the subtle differences within the descenders, ascenders and stems of the lowercase type. I believe my font is superior in rendering a more solid appearance, but concede that Raster-Bold's ability to successfully market their fonts is far superior than mine.